Whenever you`re looking to start a new project, you`d ideally like to find financing and the most qualified team members like architects, constructors and agents as quickly and effortless as possible.

Looking to start a new project in Romania

  • Got a new project about to start?

    Put together a team to support you in getting started in short notice and speed things up. We will either buy your project and develop it our selves or support you in your project.

  • Access to capital

    We will invest in your project and thus provide you with the needed capital or buy from you early stage the developed units.

  • Purchasing power

    As we are constantly committed to projects we are able to negotiate lower prices due to volume and constant support to relevant materials and services suppliers.

  • Operational support

    Due to our experience we are able to support you in all operational matters, making sure your development and construction process time shrinks and your sales goes faster.

  • Power connecting network

    There are many suppliers in this sector and the difference between good and excellent is only experienced on the job. In cooperating with us you access a trusted and proven network of business partners that you would like to have in your team.